Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Challenge #26 Prepare for Your Natural Disasters

Each state has certain types of disasters that are more likely to hit their area than other kinds of disasters.  Southern Nevada, for example, can look forward to flash floods, heat emergencies, and the very rare earthquake.  Hurricanes and winter storms would obviously be out of the question here.  Other places I have lived have been subject to tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, typhoons, and wildfires.

Your challenge today is to prepare for the types of natural disasters that are most likely to hit your area.

First, you need to find out what types of disasters are common in your area.  Check here, here, and here for details.

And then you need to prepare.  Here's how:

You will also want to make special preparations if you live next to any sort of unique feature that could cause a disaster such as a chemical company, volcano, tsunami prone area, landslide prone area, nuclear power plant, etc.

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