Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March Challenge #25 Gather Your Information Sources

Your challenge today is to collect up apps or add links to your start page/favorites list that will provide you useful information in the event of a disaster.  Here's some you should have:

  • Facebook (with appropriate pages "liked" such as your local fire department, department of emergency management, etc)
  • Twitter (be sure to follow the above mentioned agencies as well as others)
  • Reddit (specific subreddits such as provide lots of information on local happenings)
  • Your local newspapers
  • Your local TV news stations
  • National news sources (New York Times, ABC news, USA Today, etc)
  • International news sources (BBC, Al Jazeera, etc)
  • Weather (National Weather Service, etc)
  • Your local fire department(s)
  • Your local law enforcement agencies (police, sheriff, etc)
  • Your local department of emergency management
  • Disaster Alert Services (GDACS, RSOE EDIS, etc...there's a list on the CNI homepage)
  • State agencies (State Patrol, State Department of Emergency Management, State Department of Transportation, etc)
  • Federal Agencies (CDC, FEMA, Red Cross, etc)
  • Disaster alerts specific to your area (FloodWatch, Hurricane Tracker, etc)
  • Other useful apps (WAZE, Scanner Radio, Shelter View, etc)

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