Saturday, March 21, 2015

March Challenge #21 Microadventures

Today's challenge is to go an a microadventure.  Or multiple microadventures.  Often times people say they wish they could go on a week-long backpacking trip but they can't take that much time off of work.  Often times people say they want to spend the weekend taking the family on a camping trip but due to lack of money, everyone's busy schedules, or procrastination, they never do.

One of the basic tenants of survival--whether surviving a long-term power outage or getting lost in the wilderness--is to practice the sort of skills needed in a variety of survival situations before you actually need the skills.  That's where microadventures come in.

The term microadventure was originally coined by Alastair Humphreys in the not too distant past.  He is an adventurer who has traveled to the ends of the earth doing exciting things, having amazing experiences, and building a following of arm-chair adventures who enjoy following his wild escapades on his blog but have about zero chance of actually partaking in similar adventures themselves.

So he came up with the concept of microadventures.  You don't need an entire week or even an entire weekend to venture into the wilderness but instead you can pack up a few items and the minute you get off work head for the hills, enjoy the outdoors, learn to set up a shelter or sleep under the stars, cook up some grub, fend off wildlife, pick some wild berries, put together a campfire...and then be at work the next morning.  It's a quick way of getting the value of wilderness/survival experience in a short amount of time.

Your challenge is to figure out what a microadventure is (info here, here, and here) then go do one.

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