Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Challenge #15 Protect Yourself

You are your best (sometimes only?) asset when it comes to a disaster so it will pay to protect yourself now and into the future so that you can respond to any threat you may run into.  Here's how:

  • Eat right (and skip the junk food)
  • Exercise daily (it will get you in great physical shape and protect your overall health)
  • Keep up with your vaccinations (to protect yourself from random measles outbreaks or tetanus among other things)
  • Learn hand to hand self defense methods (karate, krav maga, etc)
  • Use the layered defense method for your home
  • Always be situationally aware
  • Practice blending in to your environment
  • Learn to use weapons for self defense
  • Get your concealed carry license
  • Don't get yourself into situations that can have a negative outcome for you (drunk in public, having an affair, hanging out with people who are always in trouble, etc)
  • Always be security conscious
  • Always consider an exit strategy for whatever situation you are in
  • Carry yourself with confidence
  • Disengage yourself from problem people in your life
  • Consider the legal consequences of your actions to stay out of legal trouble
  • Take care of problems that arise as soon as possible (medical problems, psychological problems, social problems, etc)

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