Thursday, March 12, 2015

March Challenge #12 Practice

Do you know why schools hold fire drills every month and, in some areas, earthquake drills just as often?  The reason is because when people practice what they should do during a scary situation, the situation becomes less scary and people are more likely to respond with correct action instead of panic.

Your challenge today is to practice disaster scenarios so that everyone in the family will know what to do if a scary situation/disaster should strike.  Among the things you may want to practice:

  • A fire drill so that everyone will know how to escape/respond to a fire in your home.
  • A home lock down drill in the event that you and your family need to quickly lock yourselves in your home.
  • An earthquake drill/tornado drill/hurricane drill so that everyone will know what to do in these scenarios (even if they are not common in your area as these could happen when you are on vacation so you still need to know how to be prepared in these cases).
  • A child abduction drill (teach your kids what they should do if someone tries to grab and take them such as screaming, fighting back, running away, noticing details, etc).
  • A medical emergency drill.
  • A gun safety drill (so kids will learn what to do if they find a gun...obviously this drill should be done with a toy gun or an unloaded gun).
  • An outdoor weekend survival drill (take your BOBs and head for the hills for the weekend).
  • An indoor weekend survival drill (turn off the power and water for the weekend and practice what would you would do in the event of an extended power outage.  Note don't turn off the gas or you will need to have the gas company come and turn it back on for you).

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