Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Challenge #11 Stockpiling

I'm always rather amazed when a disaster like a hurricane, snow storm, or other situation that gives adequate notice is about to happen and all that the television reporters need to do to get a story is wait outside the closest Walmart or grocery store.  They get some great video of empty shelves and harried customers picking up items that can't survive without for a week or so (like milk and toilet paper) as well as some good interviews ("I can't believe such a big storm is coming!!!" even though the area gets big storms every year).

So today's challenge is to stockpile the things you use most often.  There is really no excuse for people who end up in the same situation every year (snowstorm, tornado season, hurricane season) to be shocked and surprised and unprepared when it comes to having basic necessities on hand.  With an adequate stockpile of useful items (we covered food and water earlier this month so here we are talking about disposable goods mostly) you will not need to run to the store with hoards of other unprepared people to grab what you can before the shelves are empty.

Consider what items you use all the time (toilet paper, baby diapers, batteries), what items would be needed for your most common disasters (snow shovel, blankets, hurricane shutters), and what items would be useful after a disaster (garbage bags, work gloves) and get to work making these items a regular part of your shopping list until you have an adequate stockpile to last you for weeks or months.  Also consider items from this list as it covers the most needed items before, during and after a disaster.

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