Thursday, February 19, 2015

Road Rage 101

If you've been watching the national news, you will know that my fair city (Las Vegas) has made the news once again.  This time for a road rage incident that not only spiraled out of control road-rage-wise but media-wise as well.  Seems the general public doesn't like being lied to and is hardly sympathetic when the victim is really the aggressor.  So here are some take-away's from this incident:

  • Drive courteously.  The majority of road rage cases are sparked by people driving badly.
  • Make allowances for the other person.  If someone is driving like a maniac, it is not my job to correct their behavior or even comment on it.  Allow them to move as far ahead of you as possible. 
  • If you do get into a road rage incident (it happens) flip the other guy off (with the peace sign) and be on your way.  Stopping, getting out of your car, and confronting the other person is not going to end well.
  • Judiciously calling the cops before the incident devolves to fists and guns is also a good idea.
  • Get the incident on video if possible.  There's something to be said for dash cams.
  • Keep your temper in check.  So what if someone races around you like a maniac to get one whole car length ahead of you?  Let him.  In the grand scheme of things it doesn't even matter (of course in a perfect, instant karma sort of world he would be the one T boned in the intersection ahead of you but I digress...).
  • After the incident, resist the urge to follow him.  On on a side note, after the incident, make sure he isn't following you as you don't want them to know where you live.
  • If they insist on following you, make sure to lead them to the nearest police sub station or a very public location that is sure to have video surveillance cameras.
  • Stay in your car with the windows up if you do get cornered.  At least if they actively try to get into your car it shows them as the aggressor.
  • Always drive and park defensively.  You want to leave yourself multiple ways to escape from where you are so that you don't get cornered and become unable to escape.
  • Don't continue the behavior.  Once the incident has stopped, going after the person is unnecessary and dangerous (you will either end up getting shot or be the one doing the shooting and end up in prison).
  • Carry a weapon in your vehicle.  Obviously this is a personal choice.  Hot heads probably shouldn't do this.  Even macing the person once they break the window in your vehicle is enough to give you time to escape.
  • Realize that a few minutes of rage can lead to decades in prison if you are found to be the aggressor and kill another motorist with a gun or your car.
  • If you are in a violent road rage incident, lawyer up ASAP.

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