Friday, February 27, 2015

10 Things from This Weeks News

It's been a busy news week...

  1. On a happy note, if you have a fourth grader (or have access to a fourth grader, no creepiness intended) you will be able to take them to any National Park, free of charge next year.
  2. DHS funding, due to political wrangling on both sides, has run out.  Same song, different verse...
  3. Debate about the color of a dress went viral this week.  It's rather amazing (in a bad way) how an entire nation's attention can focus on a dress while other, much more important issues, barely get any press at all.
  4. RIP Jerry Tarkanian, Leonard Nemoy, and Robert Moser (he wasn't famous but a good friend and all around good guy none the less).
  5. It's been a scary weird week in medicine with unexplained deadly viruses, a measles outbreak in Vegas, and high flu rates just about everywhere.
  6. It has also been an extreme snow month.  
  7. And it's business as usual in Moscow, the US, and Syria.
  8. You never know when someone you know is going to flip the f#%* out (a good reminder that concealed carry is a good thing).
  9. The idyllic days of cheap gas recently are, apparently, no more.
  10. Finally, if you have a Radio Shack that is closing near you, you might want to get over there ASAP.

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