Monday, January 5, 2015

If You Are Going to Be Driving On Snowy and Icy Roads...

...then here are some tips for you because this arctic blast thing is going to make driving (and all other outdoor activities in the hard hit areas) very dangerous.

  • Consider changing your plans.  The best way to avoid driving in dangerous conditions is, obviously, not to drive if possible.  If that isn't possible...
  • Be sure your car is in excellent condition.  Good tires, new wiper blades, engine in good working order, battery in good working order, washer fluid filled, antifreeze in the radiator, etc.
  • Have snow tires or carry tire chains.
  • Always keep the gas tank at least half full.
  • Keep adequate emergency supplies in your vehicle (tow rope, shovel, cat litter, flashlight and batteries, jumper cables, first aid kit, flares, good spare tire and jack, etc).
  • Keep survival supplies in your vehicle (water, food, blankets, extra clothes, spare medications, cell phone charger, etc).
  • Leave your itinerary with a responsible person who will begin a search if you turn up missing or overdue.
  • Know where you are going (don't just rely on your GPS), and don't take "short cuts", stick to major roads (lots of roads on maps could look like faster ways to get to your destination but they could be dangerous or impassible in the snow and ice).
  • Pay attention to the weather reports and adjust your travel plans or change your route as necessary.
  • Know how to drive in inclement weather (rain, snow, ice).  If you don't have these skills, practice in a safe area before heading out.
  • Don't drive like a maniac (slow down, be careful passing, keep lots of space between your vehicle and others, etc).
  • Try to drive during the day when you can see and when you are wide awake instead of at night.
  • Have some outdoor winter survival skills (obviously learn them before you head out in very bad weather). 
For more info on the topic check here, here, and here.

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