Sunday, January 4, 2015

8 Types of Security for Your Home

Guess I dodged a bullet as the "flu-ishness" from yesterday is now gone.  On to better topics...

Here's eight types of security to consider for your home:

  1. Security theater (ie: a 'beware of dog' sign even if you don't have a dog, a security system sign even if you don't have a security system, fake security cameras, etc).
  2. A dog, or two, or more.  The bigger and louder, the better.   
  3. Steel doors, bolt-locks, secure window locks...basically reinforce any opening into your home.
  4. Exterior security: fences, gates, floodlights, motion sensor lights, landscaping with an eye towards security (such as rose bushes planted under windows, etc).
  5. Interior security: lights and TVs on a random timer, safes, safe room, no items of importance (keys, wallets, laptops, etc) left within view of the windows.
  6. A do-it-yourself home security system (wireless systems can be purchased at home stores or electronics stores and can be set up yourself).  These can be cheap, moderately-priced, or expensive depending on the system you choose.
  7. Good security habits: always keep your doors and windows locked, don't make your home look like you have lots of expensive things inside, don't brag about your (coin, jewelry, etc) collection. 
  8. An elaborate security system from a vendor.  These will probably be monitored at at off-site location, may include security patrols, include a set-up fee and a monthly charge, and can be as generic or as elaborate as you choose to pay for.

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