Tuesday, January 6, 2015

20 Things to Carry With You at All Times

One of the subreddits I occasionally browse is the EDC page.  In some cases, I think that what people carry with them might be too minimal, in others, I'm wondering if what they carry isn't a bit of overkill, no pun intended.  These are the 20 items I always carry with me:

  1. Wallet (includes ID and a couple of credit/bank cards)
  2. Cash (usually $100-$200 in both large and small bills as well as some coins)
  3. Keys
  4. A tiny flashlight (similar to this, kept on my key chain)
  5. A tiny flash drive with all of my (encrypted) back-up files (also kept on my key chain)
  6. A pen (Pilot Precise v7)
  7. A notebook (Moleskine)
  8. A pocketknife (a Swiss Army knife I've had for decades)
  9. Floss (Glide, in a tiny, flat dispenser)
  10. Whistle (also on the key chain)
  11. Mini first aid kit (couple of band aids, alcohol wipe, packet of Tylenol)
  12. A Wet Wipe (individual packet)
  13. A couple of tissues
  14. A condom (non lubed; multiple emergency uses)
  15. A small lighter
  16. A couple of safety pins
  17. A rubber band
  18. A laminated list of emergency numbers (should my cell phone die)
  19. A Fresnel lens magnifying card (can be used to start a fire in an emergency, I use it to read print that is getting tinier by the year)
  20. Cell phone (currently a Note 4 which--IMHO--is the best phone on the market)
These are the basics that I have on me every day and can be carried in my pockets.  Since I wear sunglasses (this is Vegas after all) I wear them so they aren't on the list.  If I know I will be out all day, I take my daypack, and depending on the situation, I may add the following items: bottle of water, granola bar, firearm, and a hat.  If there is a chance I will pull off the road and go on an impromptu hike I will toss in my outdoor packet as well (Mylar survival blanket, sunscreen, paracord, small compass, poncho, couple of water purification tabs, bandana, etc).


  1. I recently dinked around with a quick belt addition to EDC. Took a BIC lighter (large, not mini), and Gorillas taped (1" wide x 12" l.) a SAK Classic, pair of safety pins and a sewing bobbin on G.I. trip wire to a biner that hooks onto a belt loop. Should have thought to add a little flashlight to it - maybe later.

    Thanks for post.

    1. Good idea. To be able to carry as many useful items as possible in the most inconspicuous way possible is kind of the Holy Grail of EDC.