Friday, November 7, 2014

Technology...More Terrifying By The Moment

George Orwell wasn't far off (maybe by a few decades) when he wrote about government tyranny, doublespeak, and perpetual war (read the first couple of paragraphs here and tell me if it doesn't sound familiar) in '1984'.  And now for the latest in technology that can hunt you down and otherwise make your life miserable...

  • While I am happy that the case of the young woman who was kidnapped right off the street was solved (and successfully no less), the method by which she was found should put everyone on alert as the kidnapper was found by tracking the GPS device which had been installed in his car.  To protect yourself: buy an old car that doesn't have a black box or GPS installed.  Worst case scenario: having such lousy credit that the car you buy comes with a trackable GPS unit so the dealer knows where the vehicle is every moment of the day.
  • And then there was the new/old story of Russian hackers who (probably?) can take control over US infrastructure with the click of a mouse.  To protect yourself: continue to prepare for the possibility of no water/power/other infrastructure that you have come to depend on.  Worst case scenario: think "the government will fix it so I don't need to do anything but live my life as obliviously as I am doing now."
  • Of course you know that your cell phone can track you but now it can do so with impunity as discussed here.  Best case scenario: you don't have or use a cell phone at all.  Second best would be using a burner phone.  Worst case scenario is, well, the status quo: allowing the cell phone companies to do whatever they want with your cell phone and your personal data.
  • And, in a "didn't I see this in a movie plot?" twist, your medical implants are wide open to hackers as well (this document discusses the problems related to cybersecurity and medical devices.  Of course the hackers can read the same document so there is that...).  To protect yourself: I don't really have an answer for this because people who have implanted medically devices usually really really need them no matter how unsecure they are.
Unfortunately we live in a world where technology has taken over.  There is no going back to the good old days (within reason,  You could, actually, live as an anti-tech hermit should you choose to do so) so we are pretty much stuck with ever evolving technology that is doing as much for us as against us.

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