Sunday, November 16, 2014

Conspiracy Theories

While I am not one of those tin-foil-hat wearing conspiracy theorists, there are some theories floating around that are just so blatant that it makes one wonder why the whole of the general public doesn't rise up in revolt over being treated like unwitting pawns in a global game of greed and power plays.  But I suppose if the public is kept fat and happy and drowning in the swill of mass media and government handouts they are loath to complain and 'rock the boat'.  Quite a sad state of affairs.

Here's some of those blatant conspiracies..

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  1. I think 9-11 was an actual terrorist attack that set off (inadvertantly, perhaps) what was meant to be an arson/vandalism-based insurance "Larry Silverstein" for the untold story.
    Terrorists notwithstanding, you had to have a proverbial shit-ton of Feds BARE MINIMUM looking the other way for that to go down!