Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Starter Survival Kit

aka 25 items to blow your paycheck on this weekend.  If you have nothing to see you through a survival/disaster situation, here are 25 items you should run out and buy right now:

  1. A first aid kit (or you can make your own)
  2. A fire extinguisher
  3. A flashlight with extra batteries
  4. A weather radio
  5. A tent
  6. A sleeping bag
  7. A backpack
  8. A backpacking stove and fuel
  9. A good pair of hiking boots
  10. A set of appropriate outdoor clothing for where you live (including outerwear)
  11. Fix it stuff: rope, tarp, duct take, leather gloves, breaker bar, sewing kit
  12. A good knife
  13. Fire: matches, lighter, fire steel
  14. Water: bottled water, water purification tabs, water containers
  15. Food: a random assortment that is portable, doesn't need refrigeration, and will last for a week or so
  16. Outdoor gear: compass, signal mirror, fishing kit, multi tool, magnifying glass, emergency blanket, whistle
  17. A survival book (SAS, US Army Survival Manual, etc)
  18. Firearm and ammo (and obviously the knowledge to use this item)
  19. Spare prescription medication
  20. A camp towel
  21. A watch
  22. A toiletry kit
  23. Hygiene: toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer
  24. Pen/pencil and paper
  25. Stash of cash

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