Monday, October 6, 2014

10 Survival Items from the $1 Store

Perusing the $1 store today, I noticed quite a few items that could be useful during a disaster.  Also, for those people who think they can't afford to prep, this is a super cheap way to get started.

  1. Bleach.  It's the ultimate cleaner and disinfectant plus it can be use to purify water.
  2. Matches.  Most people don't smoke these days and most gas stoves have automatic lighters so it is hard to find a match or lighter when you need one.  During a disaster you might need to make a fire--with matches--so pick up a big box for only $1 and keep them with your survival preps.
  3. Aspirin.  Even a $1 bottle of generic aspirin can bring down a fever or thin out the blood when someone is having heart trouble.
  4. Rubbing alcohol.  This is an excellent way to sanitize hands and needles and disinfect abrasions and cuts.  Not the best fuel, but this can be used with your sardine can cook stove.
  5. Hammer.  An el cheapo hammer isn't a tool I would want to own, but in a disaster, any sort of hammer will do to make simple repairs, create a shelter, etc.
  6. Can of sardines in oil.  This will take care of your protein and fat needs for a couple of meals.  Can use the can to make an emergency cook stove.
  7. Box of granola bars.  This will take care of your carb needs for a few meals.
  8. Candles.  A good source of light and can even be used to cook if necessary.
  9. AM/FM radio.  These cheap radios that hardly anyone ever uses can be an excellent source of information during a disaster.
  10. Gallon sized ziploc freezer bags.  Can be used for carrying water, wrapping up food, waterproofing your cell phone, and a dozen other uses.  

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