Monday, October 13, 2014

10 Super Easy Survival Skills to Teach Young Children

It's never too soon to learn how to be a prepper.  So with that in mind, here's some simple things to teach your children to get them started on the path to preparedness (obviously each kid is different, some will be ready for these lessons at 2 or 3 while others not until they are older so proceed accordingly).

  1. How to call 911.  This includes when to call 911 as well as how to relay basic information (name, address, what the problem might be, parent's names, etc).
  2. How to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver (courses are available for children but due to the physical nature of these procedures you might need to wait until your child is physically big enough to perform these skills).
  3. How to hide.  Hide and seek developed as a way to teach children to protect themselves since fighting or running isn't usually an option.  Hiding from an attacker or intruder may be their only option to save them self in an emergency.
  4. What to do in the event of a fire.  Aside from calling 911 in the event of a fire, children should know what to do if they are on fire (stop, drop, and roll) and what to do when they hear their home smoke alarm go off (hold regular family fire drills to teach them what to do).
  5. What to do in the event of a natural disaster in your area.  Disasters can range from flooding to earthquakes to hurricanes; develop procedures and teach your children how to react if they are caught in such a disaster (sheltering in place, not to play in flood washes, etc).
  6. How to wash their hands, cover their coughs, and keep their hands out of their eyes, nose, and mouth.  This is the most basic way to avoid catching a cold, flu, or worse.
  7. How to feed themselves.  Depending on the child's age, they should learn simple things such as how to pour cereal and milk into a bowl, how to make a sandwich, and, as they get older, how to use knifes, cook on the stove, and make more complicated meals.
  8. How to camp for a weekend or a week outside.  Obviously you aren't going to send a small child to fend for themselves in the wilderness but by teaching very young kids about various camping skills (how to roll out their sleeping bag, how to roast marshmallows over a fire, etc) they will be better positioned to learn more advanced outdoor skills as they get older.
  9. How to help mom and dad with basic home skills (everything from doing laundry and feeding the dog to planting and harvesting the vegetable garden and handing dad tools when he is working on a project).  These days parents tend to do everything for their kids which leaves their kids with absolutely no basic life skills when they grow up.  We don't want that to happen with your kids.
  10. How to navigate between home, school, the local grocery store, grandma's house, etc.  Kids should know how to walk safely to local places, ride their bicycles safely to further places, and use city transit to get around town on an age-appropriate basis.

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