Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bug Out Tech

Say you need to bug out.  It might be because of a flood or fire or it may be because someone calls you for a quick weekend trip and you need to leave now.  No matter the situation, it's a good idea to have your bug-out tech ready to go.  Here's what I carry for both bug-out and travel situations:

  • A smartphone and charger (my Galaxy Note 3 is simply amazing).
  • An unlocked quad-band cell phone (a cheaper, less attractive cell to use for international travel. At this point I use an old Samsung smartphone).
  • A laptop and charger (I currently use a 14" HP laptop at home and have a 10" Asus transformer for travel.  I am now looking for a 13" UltraBook to replace both of these).
  • A USB drive with all of my files backed up on it.
  • A spare USB drive for transferring files, etc.
  • Earbuds.
  • A mini travel mouse.
  • Spare memory cards (one for the cell phone, one for the laptop).
  • Electrical adapter/converter/surge protector.
  • Solar charger (Goal Zero, useful in a disaster when other electricity sources aren't available).
  • Spot 3 (satellite messenger, useful for solo outdoor travel and during a disaster).
  • AC/DC car power inverter (always carry this in my vehicle for emergency charging purposes).
What I no longer carry with me:
  • A digital camera (my phone takes great pictures)
  • A Kindle (ditto)
  • An MP3 player (ditto)
  • A digital video camera (ditto)
  • GPS device (ditto)
  • Mobile WiFi (my phone works as a hot spot).
  • A tablet (had one, didn't use it)

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