Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Things To Always Carry With You

Are you carrying the following items now?

  1. Cell phone (multiple uses)
  2. Cash ($100-$200 plus a few quarters)
  3. Packet of aspirin (headache reliever)
  4. Pocketknife (always useful)
  5. Alcohol wipe (clean your hands, and a good fire starter)
  6. Matches (strike anywhere kind)
  7. USB drive (a back up of all of your files)
  8. Flashlight (useful in an emergency)
  9. Safety pin (many uses from fish hook to popping blisters)
  10. ID/credit card

1 comment:

  1. Forget the safety pin, cell phone, alcohol wipe, usb drive, id/credit card.
    Carry an M1 Garand, 192 rounds (four bandoleers), a 1911 .45 and four mags of ammo.
    Who, me, worry?
    Semper Fi