Monday, March 10, 2014

50 Survival Apps for Your Smart Phone

Since I'm an android fan, these are android apps however many will have similar/same apps developed for your iPhone if you are an Apple user.

  1. Brightest Flashlight 
  2. Smart Compass
  3. Altitude
  4. Google Maps
  5. Google Earth
  6. Google Sky Map
  7. Scanner Radio
  8. SAS Survival (paid) or SAS Survival Lite (free)
  9. Banking apps (to access your banks)
  10. Skype
  11. Survival Guide
  12. Kindle
  13. Army Survival Guide
  14. Your local newspaper
  15. Your local TV/Radio news
  16. CNN
  17. BBC
  18. Al Jazeera
  19. Radar Express or NOAA Weather
  20. FEMA
  21. Disaster Alert
  22. Google Search
  23. My Tracks
  24. Wild Edibles
  25. American Red Cross First Aid
  26. Military Survival GPS
  27. Radioactivity Counter
  28. CB Radio Chat
  29. Knots Guide
  30. c:geo
  31. Dangerous Goods Manual
  32. ICE
  33. Life360: Family Locator
  34. Every Trail
  35. My Nature Animal Tracks
  36. Goto Aid First Aid Lite
  37. Bug Out Bag Survival Guide
  38. Wilderness Survival Pro
  39. iTriage Health
  40. Survival Skills for Aviation
  41. Edible and Medicinal Plants
  42. Where's My Droid 
  43. Emergency Alert
  44. Red Cross Mobile Apps
  45. Anatomy 3D
  46. Emergency Rescue Alarm
  47. Chimani National Parks
  48. My Topo Maps
  49. Map My Walk
  50. American Survivalist

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  1. I know you are always warning readers about their personal safety.

    Here is something:
    Here is a story about an app to copy house keys using a cell phone picture.- it is great for robbers, rapists, angry ex's etc.

    Please pass on to your readers.

    Keep up the good work.