Friday, January 10, 2014

This Is Why You Need to Stockpile Water

Most preppers have a triple redundant backup plan for storing water.  You never know when your well will run dry or a water main will break or some other disaster will befall you and you will be left without water.  What many people don't plan for, however, is that ALL local sources of water will be compromised and they may need to sustain themselves with their stored water for days or weeks as happened today in West Virginia.  If your triple redundant plan is: tap water, stored water in the hot water tank/bath tub, outside water such as from a local would be a tough spot should the same problem happen to you as in the news article.

What would happen if you wake up tomorrow morning to urgent notices via the news, reverse 911, etc saying DON'T DRINK THE WATER?  Don't bathe in the water, don't water your pets or cattle with the water in your taps or from other local water sources.

Stored bottled water will be your only option as using any water coming into your home through well or municipal lines will be contaminated.  Here's some ideas:

  • Store A LOT of bottled water (we only drink bottled water as tap water in Las Veges is just gross) so tend to have cases and cases of the stuff in the garage.
  • Consider ways to utilize your stored water in a timely fashion if you can't drink it all yourself (donate it to a local homeless shelter for a tax write off a couple times a year, etc).
  • Practice ways to use MUCH LESS water than you do in your normal daily life.
  • Don't count on finding bottled water in the stores in the event of an emergency--everyone in town will have the same idea and you will probably find the shelves empty.

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