Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's in Your EDC Pack?

We all have certain things that we carry everyday, whether by circumstance or habit.  I always find it interesting to see what others consider necessary to have with them every day.  Since each person's EDC items are different, it won't be much help for me to make you a list and say "carry these" but my EDC items tend to run towards the minimal (.380, ammo, wallet, smartphone, pocket knife, thumb drive...the basics).  Here's some other ideas:

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  1. My Mother was the original prepper in my life. My sister and I used to tease her about carrying a purse the size of a small suitcase, but if you needed it, she had it. Pen and paper, paperclips, safety pins, gum, antacids, pocket knife, string, matches, aspirin, bandaids, kleenex, plastic rain bonnet (remember those?)extra keys, phone numbers, pocket change, etc. I never realized how ahead of the curve she was until I started following some of these sites! Go Mom!