Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 Things to Do Before the End of Summer

Unfortunately in Las Vegas it is like one long, continual summer, but for many people, you only have a month or so of good weather left.  Here's ten things to do before it gets cold:

  1. Winterize your home (this will make your home warmer in the winter and lower your utility bills).
  2. Go camping/hiking/backpacking (you can never get enough outdoors!).
  3. Revamp your BOB for the fall.
  4. Start an exercise program (it's easier to start such a program in the summer than in the dead of winter).
  5. Stock up on food!  Now that it is nearing harvest time, buy produce and meat while it is cheap and preserve it to use throughout the winter (this was quite common a century ago but hardly anyone does this now which is unfortunate).
  6. Spend time with your kids or grandkids before school starts (never underestimate the long-term positive effects of interacting with your kids and grandkids--it will pay dividends over the coming years).
  7. Clean up your yard and property--not only does this help prevent wildfires it makes your home look less attractive to a burglar. 
  8. Go dumpster diving.  It is a seriously useful hobby (and yet another skill easier learned when it is still warm outside).
  9. Get your car ready for winter (change the oil, possibly a tune up, check the tires, change the wiper blades, etc).
  10. Get ready for the fall hunting season (new gear, sight your rifles in, stock up on ammo, etc).

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