Monday, July 23, 2012

10 Things to Be Concerned About Now

On my radar at this time...

  1. The price of food will be going up due to the drought.  Stock up now.
  2. It's always a good time to stock up on ammo.
  3. Grow a garden, no matter how small.  Also due to the drought, produce prices should rise in the near future.
  4. Be able to protect your home and family.  Crime stats are rising right along with unemployment stats.
  5. Be able to earn an income.  Or multiple streams of income.  When everyone else is relying on a job that may or may not be there, you should rely on yourself to provide you an income.
  6. Be debt free.  There is no better way to protect yourself financially than to have as little debt and as few bills as possible.
  7. The weather.  Flooding, drought, a wicked hurricane season...this should be much more concerning to people than the supposed end of the world in December.
  8. The financial situation in Europe, as well as the rest of the world.  People want to pay the least amount possible for everything they purchase yet they want high paying jobs...go figure.
  9. The situation in Syria and the Middle East.  It's always been a hot bed of activity over there.  Things could hit a critical peak in a few months.
  10. The possibility of another mass shooting.  Statistically, this is probably one of the things you should be least concerned about.


  1. I prefer the term 10 Things to Focus on. There is no need for the prepping community to be concerned, but we do need to focus our efforts and avoid becoming complacent.

  2. I would add OPSEC to the list.
    Share some thinking points with your neighbors and friends and find out if they are preparing or sheeple. I found out my neighbors were not prepared, nor interested. It's good to know ahead of time that I needed to keep my preps quiet. I finally found a company that offers an OPSEC way to get our food storage. A years worth of food all stacked up on a pallet and wrapped in black plastic. It's called the CUBE. You can find it at on the special deals page. Don't know how to cook with food storage? They have some good videos that shows you several recipes. It's easier than I thought it would be to be prepared, you just have to know where to look.