Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Ways to 'Stick It To The Man'

Most of the "sheeple" in our society do what everyone else does and then wonder why they end up in such unhappy predicaments.  Probably, because they are doing what everyone else is doing and conformity only works for those who are setting the rules.  Here's 10 ways to be non-conforming...and you will probably end up much happier for it.

  1. Save your money instead of spending it.  Most people spend every dime they make then wonder why they get taken advantage of by payday lenders and "easy credit terms".  Don't fall into this trap and you will be miles ahead of the general populace.
  2. Become a health nut with a huge focus on diet and exercise.  That right there will put you way ahead of the vast majority of people (and it will keep you from bankrupting yourself with medical bills, supporting big pharmaceutical companies for the rest of your life with medications for chronic health conditions, and dancing to the tune of which ever health guru happens to be popular today).
  3. Pay cash for your car.  Besides a house, many people get in debt because of car payments.  When you save up your money and pay cash for your car, you immediately become the 1% and that gives you no one to complain about because you have taken responsibility for your actions (and taken control of your money).
  4. Become self employed.  Talk about dancing to the tune of others...when you are self employed you have only yourself to blame (or to thank) for your income and the benefits you reward yourself with.  Plus achieving the correct tone of voice to call in sick with becomes a non-issue.
  5. Learn how to follow the rules.  Sticking it to the man means being clever enough and wise enough to do what you want (within reason).  This also means taking responsibility for your actions.  Most legal cases revolve around people making poor choices and/or not being responsible for their own actions.  By behaving in a legal and responsible manner you can pretty much avoid the man all together.
  6. Pay your taxes.  This seems a bit counter-intuitive because isn't the IRS part of "the man"?  Yes, but by legally doing all you can to pay as little in taxes as possible you can stick it to the man and keep your money in your own pocket instead of Uncle Sam's.  (I'll have to post in the future about the joys of living on a very small income in which, for the first time in decades, the government pays me instead of me paying the government).
  7. Don't get on the government dole.  I have known some people who have bragged about getting food stamps or subsidized housing and they (gleefully) point out that they are getting over on the government.  I am hard pressed to not point out that by getting on the government dole they are letting the government dictate nearly everything about their lives (where they live, what they eat, how much income they can earn, how they spend their time, etc).  This is not sticking it to the man, this is letting the man tell you everything you may and may not do.  Besides getting your social security or government pension check when you are old enough, stay as far away from government programs as possible.
  8. Take advantage of every opportunity you can, especially if they are provided by "the man".  And by this I mean use your public library (your taxes are paying for it anyway), order free shower heads from your water utility (these probably came from a government grant but they are free and useful to you in that they help you save money), file for government rebates for your new car/water heater/etc.
  9. Live unconventionally.  The people with the most interesting lives tend to live quite unconventionally and while "the man" may look askance at them, they are often left alone.  Dumpster divers, people who travel around and live in their RVs, guys who find free stuff then resell it on CraigsList...people who do things outside the norm often reap the benefits of doing so.
  10. Know your rights.  Many people get cornered by "the man" because they have no clue what their rights are.  You have the right to remain silent (oddly enough many people can recite this from memory but they don't heed it when it would be optimal to do so).  I saw a young woman with a pistol on her hip today in a store and I wanted to thank her for knowing (and exercising) her right to carry.  Your rights are there to protect you but you cannot avail yourself of these rights if you don't know what they are.    
I'll hop off my soapbox now...

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