Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celebrating Memorial Day? Here's Some Ideas

Tomorrow, May 28th, is Memorial Day.  It is a day to remember all of those who have served and died defending our country.  Here's some ways to celebrate this important event:

  • Attend a Memorial Day event (such as a local parade, ceremony, etc).
  • Visit a military cemetery.
  • Visit a military memorial (such as the Arizona Memorial, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, etc).
  • Thank a veteran.
  • Fly the US flag at your home.
  • Visit a VFW Hall.
  • Visit veterans in your local veteran's retirement home/hospital.
  • Observe the 'National Moment of Remembrance' at 3pm local time.
  • Donate or volunteer to help veterans (through the DAV, Wounded Warrior Project, etc).
  • Watch a Memorial Day-related show on TV (for example, I learned all about the midget subs used during the attack on Pearl Harbor on Nova this morning, something I didn't know).
  • Make up your own way to honor the people who gave their lives so that we can enjoy freedom. 

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  1. celebrations in Chicago Ill. Turn forty people shot, 10 of them were fatalities.

    Nothing like this happens in So. America and if it does is once every hundred years.

    Like it or not. Is a lot safer over there. on your previous post I mentioned that if I'm forced to leave the U.S. my choice will be Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, or Chile con carne. No matter what other survivalists gurus post on their blogs.