Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some Thoughts on Guns

I am a big believer in average citizens owning guns.  I think everyone should at least know how to use a variety of firearms and, with a few exceptions (homes where someone is mentally ill, or where there is domestic violence), everyone should keep firearms in their home for protection (note that along with literally protecting yourself, places where most homeowners are known to have firearms have a sort of "herd immunity" as robbers and others will not want to bet their life on trying to pick out which home isn't armed in a sea of armed homeowners). 
And here's a bunch of reasons why YOU should consider investing in firearms:
  • Teen mom kills intruder while on the phone with 911 (when seconds count, law enforcement is only, in this case, 21 minutes away).
  • Are guns and ammo the new gold? (basically yes, instead of hoarding ALL gold to use in the event of TEOTWAWKI, I would suggest much of your prepping money go for firearms. Not only can they be bartered for goods and services, but they will protect your from danger and allow you to hunt down your dinner).
  • GunFacts (in case the media has scared the gun-owning desire right out of you.  Note: most of the "children" who are killed each day with firearms are actually teenaged gangbangers so before you go believing the media hype, get your gun facts straight)
  • Where to Shoot (this is where to find a range near you)
  • Gun Rules (how not to hurt yourself or someone else with a firearm)
  • Handgun Laws (FYI)
'Nuff said.


  1. 1. You have guns
    2. You barter them for goods and services
    3. Now more people have guns
    4. Some of these people want what you have, and now they are armed (with guns that were yours)
    4. Guns will protect your from danger?

    I fail to see your logic.

  2. Good blog today. It once took the police 20-25 minutes to come to my house after my burglar alarm went off. After that, I told my wife to assume it would take them that long if something happened at our house. Since then, we keep a varity of weapons in our bedroom so we can protect ourselves.

    The police do a great job, but there is not enough of them to be everywhere.

  3. Trading or bartering guns or ammo during a collapse is not a good idea. Why give someone the means to take the goods you have? Am I missing something here?

  4. How does this play against NDAA 2012, HR3166 and other unconstitutional, authoritarian statist nooses that are slowly being put around our necks "for our protection/the common good"?

  5. My thought on bartering firearms:

    And NDAA 2012...Worst. Legislation. Ever. Aside from the "Patriot" Act. Proves our legislators either can't read or think they will never be on the receiving end of such a bill...