Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, Yes I Survived, and Yes 2012 Is Going to Be a Kick-Ass Year for Preparedness

First, here is a picture from the Las Vegas Strip Las Night--before it got busy.
Everyone was pretty cool, law enforcement was very visible, and there was only a bit of pushing and shoving as the entire crowd tried to move at once after the end of the fireworks (which necessitated a jump over a fence by the spouse and I to get to less claustrophobic ground).  Note: my fence jumping skills need a bit of work.  Second note: if I am going to do the Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder this year I better get busy preparing for it!
So what do you think 2012 will bring? TEOTWAWKI? A non-event similar to Y2K?  Something in between--not horrible, not pleasant?  Whatever happens, the goal of this blog will be to make sure you are prepared for ANY eventuality.  There won't be an assumption that you will run for the hills when things get testy--but some of the challenges will ensure that your outdoor skills are up to par.  There won't be an assumption that nothing will happen at the end of the year so you can kick back (mostly because it is a good bet that some sort of disaster--major or minor--will land on your doorstep at some time in the future so your preparations won't be for naught).
It's time to get busy and get prepared...for any eventuality.

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