Monday, January 2, 2012

Challenge: Get Your Daily Carry Bag Together

Note: throughout the year you will find a variety of challenges that will make you more prepared should you choose to accept the challenge (...sorry just watched 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' and couldn't resist...).

The last time I updated my Daily Carry Bag, it was about nine months ago.  Times have changed a bit, situations have changed a bit, and I felt it was time to revamp and revise my Daily Carry Bag as this is the one item I have with me, day in and day out.  This is not a BOB!  I won't be bugging out with just these few things, but the items I carry with me everyday will provide the things that I need to either a) get back to my BOB (car, home, or office), or b) if TS really does hit TF, leave in a heartbeat and resurface somewhere else either near or far (I won't have much with me and would much prefer to have my BOB with me but I would also much prefer not to carry a fully loaded backpack around with me everywhere I go each day; the Daily Carry Bag is a good compromise).  Also note that my Daily Carry Bag would be different if I had super long commutes, and thus the possibility of being stuck far from home, as opposed to mostly being less than 20 miles away from home at any given time.  Here's the contents: 
p.s. Feel free to add or subtract stuff from your own Daily Carry Bag in order to make it fit your own situation. 
p.s.s. Also feel free to make up your bag, blog about it, then post the link in the comment section below so we can all get a gander at what you carry.
  • Smartphone with internet and GPS (plus radio, a scanner radio app, a very good flashlight, et al.  Gotta love the app store!).
  • $200 in cash, $2 in quarters
  • Concealable firearm, ammo
  • Pocketknife
  • Wallet with driver's license, concealed carry license, military ID, health insurance card, etc
  • Passport (I usually carry this with me as definitive ID instead of handing over my driver's license or military ID which both include too much personal information)
  • Visa debit card (also in the wallet) linked to a bank account with a few thousand dollars in it.  I don't link this card to my main account but rather to an emergency fund to use for emergencies only.
  • List of emergency phone numbers and medical info (also in wallet) which I can access in case my cell phone dies
  • Thumb drive with all of my important files backed up on it
  • Small, flat flashlight found at Walmart for about $2 (the flashlight on my cellphone is better but this can be used as a back up)
  • Lighter (I don't smoke but this has come in handy on numerous occasions)
  • Pen and paper (I can take notes on my phone but I like thinking on paper)
  • Aspirin, Handi-wipe, tissue, band aid
  • Digital camera (while my cell phone takes OK pictures and video, I often take pictures that require more detail so I still carry a digital camera with me)
  • Floss (numerous uses)
  • Rubber band, safety pin
  • Bottle of water and a granola bar
  • Small, tubular whistle (great for use in am emergency)
  • Keys 
  • Sunglasses
  • Net book (I almost always carry this small computer with me since much of my work requires special software which can't yet be installed on a pad device; if I don't have work to do that day, I leave it at home and use my cell phone for things I need such as reading documents, checking email, etc)
Most of the smaller items are organized in a LeSportsac bag (lightweight, tough, quality made, the only qualm I have is the colors and patterns of the bags but oh well...) and tossed into whatever bag I am using for the day (briefcase, backpack, messenger bag).

Things that have dropped off this list since the last update:
  • Condom.  Have never used it for it's usual use since the last couple re-vampings of the bag, and while it can come in handy in a pinch to carry water, empty water bottles thrown in the trash are practically ubiquitous these days.
  • OB tampon.  Don't need this for its usual use either and while it is useful as a compress for bleeding wounds, so is the t shirt I am wearing.
  • Business cards. Again, mostly a weight/clutter saving thing as I rarely ever use them any more.  When I meet new people I simply email them a link to my contact info on the spot.
  • Spare house key (before, I would often commute by bus, boat, and rail, however these days I drive everywhere so keep a spare key in the car instead of in my Daily Carry Bag)
  • Mirror.  Didn't use this item in previous versions of my bag so have dropped it (note: there is a mirror app for smart phones now).
Some things I don't carry but you may want to:
  • Prescription meds
  • Mints or gum
  • Leatherman tool
  • Charging cables for cell phone and/or net book


  1. I carry most of these items anyway.
    What purpose(s) does the whistle serve?

  2. I have had the whistle in my bag for ages. I used to live in Seattle which is very prone to earthquakes so a whistle would be useful for signaling in such an event. Although earthquakes are rare in my current location, it would still be useful for signaling in an emergency.

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