Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanks to the Campers at Camp Price...

...we have a new section in the CNI Link List (and a bunch of new Daily Insight links as well). 
I got a nice email from some campers at Camp Price sharing some outdoor survival links that they found useful when learning outdoor survival skills at camp.  Since we didn't have a separate outdoor survival skills section, I decided to add it to the link list on the front page of the CNI website (you will find it towards the bottom of the second column).  This information should be reviewed and practiced by everyone as you never know when your cushy, modern know, the one with heat and running water and computers/TV/smart phones...will come to a screeching halt and we will be forced to recall (and rely on!) the outdoor survival skills that came naturally to our ancestors but not necessarily so naturally to us.  Thanks campers for the great information!


  1. Where is the information from the camper?

  2. The campers sent a list of links on outdoor skills and survival which were posted in the Daily Insight section for the past few days.