Friday, November 18, 2011

A Round-up of News Headlines...With Lessons Learned, Of Course

It's been a busy week of news headlines (and with a little fore thought and preparedness most of these items wouldn't have happened/made the news)...
  • Big fire in Reno this morning.  I woke up to hear about this on the news.  Lesson learned: have a BOB and an evacuation plan.
  • Girl gets DUI. Girl blames getting caught on her shoes.  Girl is soundly thrashed in the comment section.  Lesson learned: if you get a DUI it's your own fault.  Never drink and drive.  If you drink don't drive, if you drive don't drink.
  • Crazy man kills woman.  Unfortunately with our mental health system in shambles, this isn't an uncommon event.  Lesson learned: you always need to be on alert and you always need to be able to defend yourself.
  • Snow storm causes drop in slot revenue.  An FYI for your business (and for you if you are an employee).  It's not if a disaster will happen but when.  Lesson learned: sometime, something will happen that will disrupt your business, this is why you need an emergency fund to tide you over through drops in revenue caused by a disaster large or small.
  • Guy murders ex boyfriend and says "oops".  Apparently the gun was supposed to just scare the guy.  Lesson learned: if you pull a gun on someone assume that you will kill them.  A weapon should never be used to "scare" someone.
  • Man killed when tree falls on SUV during a storm.  This happens often.  Lesson learned: stay in during a storm if at all possible, one of the most common ways to be hurt or injured during as storm is to have trees/power lines/other stuff blown down onto you.

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