Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Must-Have Items For Your Car

It's nice having my car to drive around.  It had been nearly seven months from the time we left our vehicle in storage to travel until we retrieved it and drove to Las Vegas where we will now "home base" ourselves while we continue to travel.  Here are ten items that I absolutely MUST have in any vehicle I I own:
  1. GPS device (so I never get lost)
  2. DC to AC outlet converter adapter (so I can charge my cell phone and laptop without a special car charger)
  3. Flashlight (stuff always happens at night which is when this flashlight comes in handy)
  4. Basic tool kit (so I can fix simple problems in an emergency)
  5. Spare food and water (has come in handy many times; usually during multi-hour traffic jams)
  6. Cash (I always have around $500 in cash hidden in various places in the vehicle)
  7. Car BOB (a small backpack with stuff that I need to survive for 72+ hours on my own; has been used many times for unexpected overnight stays out of town)
  8. Copy of my driver's license, insurance card, registration (items needs if pulled over by the police)
  9. Basic first aid kit (has been used a number of times for everything from a headache to a major traffic accident)
  10. Pen and paper (to leave a note for someone, take down details of an accident, etc)
These are simple, inexpensive items that will make your drive across town or across the country much better in the event of an emergency.  I carry all of these items organized neatly in various locations in my car (ie: not piled in the backseat so it would be an invitation to thieves) and make sure to check/update/replace these items annually or as needed.

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