Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Weekend...

Why don't you...
  • Have a garage sale (large signs on busy streets and an ad on CraigsList will bring many people to your sale) and put the proceeds into your emergency fund.
  • Go camping (cheap entertainment for the family and a great opportunity to practice some survival skills).
  • Get out and exercise (whether you choose to do some lap swimming, test out your parkour skills at a local park or walk a few miles around your city, all exercise is good exercise).
  • Make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape (check the air in the tires, have the oil changed, have the air filters changed, have the windshield wipers changed, give it a tune up if needed, a nice wash and wax always makes it drive better, etc).
  • See what classes are going on in your area and join in (many communities offer free first aid classes, you can occasionally find a first aid class to take, local HAM operators sometimes sponsor licensure classes or HAM fests, community events such as fairs and parades offer a range of free entertainment and often learning opportunities, etc).
  • See what's growing in your area (blackberries aren't quite ready in our area yet but there are plenty of u-pick farms to choose from).
  • Go fishing (a very relaxing way to spend the day).
  • Clean your firearms (how long has it been since you've done this?).
  • Get some shooting practice in.
  • Grab the circulars for your local grocery stores and stock up on non-perishable loss leaders.
  • Hold a fire drill and a lock down drill at your home.
  • Go to the library and get some good (preferably survival-related) books to read.
  • Camp in the backyard if you can't get out to the mountains (the kids tend to love this).
  • Go the entire weekend with NO electronics (no TV, cell phone, internet, computer, video games, et al).
  • Restock your BOB.
  • Start a blog (everyone has some sort of information to share).
You get the idea...  Many people will spend their entire weekend walking around the mall in a daze or vegetating on the couch in front of the TV.  Make this a weekend where you take solid steps to prepare yourself for whatever might happen in the future.

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