Sunday, August 14, 2011


This landed in my email box this morning.  I'll let you determine what to think about it.  From my point of view, absolutely nothing that the "powers that be" does would surprise me.

"Consider this: Seal Team 6 allegedly kills OBL but buries the body at sea. OBL, allegedly the most wanted man on the planet, but they dump the body. How very convenient. Then, all the members of Seal Team 6 who participated on the OBL assassination are all put on one helicopter-the largest helicopter in the U.S. military,and thus the easiest to shoot down, it get's shot down and are all killed.  One commentator said he believed the Seals that allegedly killed OBL would have good military careers but die mysterious deaths after they left the military. Hell, they didn't even let them finish their military careers before they killed them. This stinks to High Heaven and it was done in such a brazen way-they have no fear of being found out.  A recent study determined Afghanistan has one trillion dollars in mineral wealth. Also, one of the big wall street firms just discovered gold there. Since we've been there the amount of raw opium exiting the country has increased. The powers that be must truly think we are all f[explicit} idiots. For their sake they had better hope the Seal community at large does not get wind of this, If they do, they could unleash hell against the those responsible for this set up."


  1. Oh that'd be karma,huh?


  2. Let me get this straight: Hundreds of American soldiers planned a massive conspiracy, created fake evidence to show to top elected officials -- none of whom called foul -- in order to temporarily boost a President who the majority of soldiers did not vote for, and then the same conspiracy of soldiers killed 31 of our OWN troops to "make sure" they kept quiet, over three months later?

    And, THAT is easier for you to believe, than the nation's highest-trained elite soldiers tracking down a terrorist after ten years of searching and shooting him.

    Got it.

  3. Sorry, no way I would buy this theory. Every person involved in a conspiracy increases the odds of info getting out, and this would take WAY too many guys to make happen.

  4. According to this it wasn't any of the members from the Bin Laden raid.

  5. No facts, quotes, or sources. It sounds like the guy is looking out his window blowing smoke up your skirt.