Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Disasters You Need to Plan for NOW

Everywhere you look there is a disaster happening these days.  Just because nothing has specifically hit your area doesn't mean that it will be smooth sailing all the way.  Are you prepared for these most-likely-to-happen disasters?
  1. Hurricane.  Especially if you are on the East Coast this week.
  2. Earthquake.  As yesterday's quake in the DC area showed, earthquakes can happen anytime and any where.
  3. Job loss.  Jobs are still being lost at an astounding rate.
  4. The loss of your home.  Homes are also still being lost (repo'ed) at an astounding rate.
  5. Major illness.  Just this week I have spoken to three families impacted by an unexpected illness of the family breadwinner.
  6. Wildfires.  We still have a month or so of wildfire season left.
  7. Public rioting/looting.  These are the major riots that have happened just this year.
  8. Random shootings.  Are both random and seemingly growing more common.
  9. Obesity.  This is a disaster that will sneak up on you (and also cause diabetis, heart disease, and an early death).
  10. Winter storms.  Although we are a couple of months off, this is one of the most common types of disasters to impact people in the US.


  1. might want to add house fire, a pretty common occurring disaster and many of the preps that people do are impacted by this. For example if you have food storage and even have a small fire you may have to dispose of all of it due to smoke/water contamination. I am a vol. FF and it is amazing/depressing how much damage a small 'room and contents' fire can do

  2. Very true. I am often suprised that people prep for the least common ways to die (TEOTWAWKI) yet don't make sure their smoke detectors work (a much more common disaster scenario).