Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's been kind of busy around here. Here's what's happening:

  • Thanks to those who have donated and/or ordered from Amazon on our new page. It's much appreciated!

  • I also order a lot of outdoor gear through REI. At the REI Outlet, you can get an extra 20% off one item through next week (not an affiliate link, just an FYI).

  • We're off to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I have a bunch of friends doing the World Series of Poker plus I am going to take a look at some real estate there.

  • I have deleted my FaceBook page. I didn't like FaceBook to start with but it seemed like the only way to keep in touch with what the kids and grandkids were doing. Now that they are using facial recognition software on every picture uploaded to the site (as well as many other ways to capture personal information about each individual on the site) I have decided that it simply isn't worth it (guess I'll just have to call the kids more often).

  • I am a big fan, however, of the reddit network in general and the AskReddit, Guns, and Survivalist subreddit in particular. For a giant list of all of the subreddits, check here.

  • It's summer! I hope you are all getting out and getting back to nature while the weather is good. It's hot as Hell here in the south but I have still been able to enjoy the mountains, some kayaking, and some fishing.

  • On the tech front, some of my favorite things are: Ninite, LibreOffice, and AllTop Lifehacks.

  • On the "world is going to Hell in a hand basket" front: keep stockpiling food, get into the best possible physical condition you can, stockpile some cash and gold but realize your knowledge and skills are more likely to save you in a post SHTF scenario than your money and gold, and be self employed in some fashion--it is the only sure way to have a job in this economy.


  1. Reddit Survivalist’s last posts were 8 days ago, 19 days ago, 27 days ago, and 1 month ago. You could check it out once a month and be done in two minutes.

  2. Most of the survivalist posts are crossposted to the AskReddit page so I just scan the front page of that subreddit for interesting survival/preparedness ideas.