Monday, June 27, 2011

10 Things I Am Doing This Summer

We have decided to spend the rest of the summer back in the Seattle area before heading over to Asia for the fall.  As usual, I have a "to do" list for my summer and as usual, most of the things are preparedness/survival-related.  In no particular order these are my plans:
  1. Do the Great Urban Race (most likely in Seattle)
  2. Get back into Volksmarching (with a variety of Clubs around the Seattle area)
  3. Hike the West Vancouver Island Trail (sounds like a challenge)
  4. Bike from Canada to Mexico (it's still on my list of things to do)
  5. Participate in a couple of shooting tournaments (even though I haven't practiced in months)
  6. Meet up with local HAMs (there's a number of HAMfest events around the area)
  7. Attend a couple of gun shows (there's a few items I am looking for)
  8. Get some range time in (lots of preparation for the tourneys)
  9. Look for some land to buy (we have decided to build a house somewhere in the Pacific Northwest)
  10. Focus more on my health (better diet, possibly some yoga classes as I seem to be getting older and crunchier which isn't a good thing)

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