Monday, November 16, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll

Our last poll asked "How's the flu in your area?"
Your answers:
  • 7 people (18%) said there was none yet.
  • 14 people (36%) said it was about the same as a regular flu season.
  • 14 people (36%) said more people than expected have got the flu so far this year.
  • 3 people (7%) said it's a pandemic and everyone around here is catching it.

The poll is more than two weeks old (sorry for the late update!) so things may have changed by now. In our area, the flu is making the rounds and it seems like nearly everyone has come down with some type of bug. Unless you are hospitalized, however, you can not get tested to confirm that is actually is the H1N1 flu.

On the one hand, this virus has been a fairly mild event with some deaths but not the overwhelming number of deaths that are often associated with a pandemic. On the other hand, because the death rate has been fairly low for what is a global pandemic, people may take future announcements of a pandemic less seriously than they should.

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