Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random Musings

Some random thoughts on a really busy day:
  • Either I'm shrinking or kids are getting bigger. Half of the trick or treaters we had this evening were HUGE.
  • My pet dressed totally in black who are walking down busy country roads as they go trick or treating. Not safe.
  • A friend passed away a couple of days ago unexpectedly. Although he wasn't a close friend, he was a good guy who always went out his way to help others. I appreciated that he always showed up to help with whatever project our range had going on, that he had a really good attitude, and that he would always say "here try out my new....(name of firearm)" Which makes me think that most of the people I know don't realize how much I (and other people) appreciate them because it isn't something you usually say to random friends/acquaintances. These people, though, are important in our lives.
  • I'm glad my tattoos aren't stupid, creepy, or regrettable. See examples here.
  • While I won't be at the NYC Marathon tomorrow, every once in a while I do look around for some new types of physical activity to try. Here's one place I look for such activities:

'Nuff said for today...

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