Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll

Our last poll asked "which is your favorite outdoor/survival show on TV?"
Here's your answers:
  • 50% (24 people) said Survivorman
  • 16% (8 people) said The Colony
  • 10% (5 people) said anything on the Outdoor Channel
  • 8% (4 people) said Man vs Wild
  • 8% (4 people) said Mythbusters
  • 4% (2 people) said Alone in the Wilderness
  • 2% (1 person) said Survivor, the reality series

Note that this poll was put out before the new series Surviving Disaster began which is my new favorite survival show on TV. What all of these shows have in common, that all of us can use, is the wide range of tips and trick for surviving a wide variety of situations. Even Survivor may offer the random tidbit of information for dealing with others in social situations.

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