Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll

Our last poll asked "How prepared are you for a major pandemic influenza outbreak?"
And your answers were:
  • 11 people (24%) said they have the basics like a first aid kit, flu meds, and kleenex.
  • 26 people (57%) said they have more advanced preps like masks, gloves, a month's worth of food, and some stashed cash/sick leave.
  • 4 people (8%) said they are very prepared with PPEs, an emergency fund, a way to work from home, and some Tamiflu in reserve.
  • 4 people (8%) said they are not prepared at all.

To the last group of people, I say 'yikes'. It is nearly a given that even if you don't get the pan flu, you, the spouse, or your kid will end up with some kind of illness like the seasonal flu this winter so even if you aren't fighting off a virus that may kill you, it is a good bet that you may miss work and you may need some kleenex and Theraflu so now would be a really good time to get even some of the basic preps done.

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    I live in a very urban centre, my BOV is a 640cc dual purpose motorcycle. If the roads are clogged, I am long gone.