Friday, August 14, 2009

Accessing the Internet

For some people, being able to access the internet is a survival need. While it may be possible to actually live without the internet, these days, it is just as important for many as having a cell phone, an emergency fund, or a BOB. Here's a number of ways to access the internet:
  • Pay for internet service to your home (cable, DSL, dial up, etc).
  • Connect through your cell phone company by using an air card or linking through your cell phone.
  • Many libraries, malls, and coffee shops offer free wi-fi.
  • If you live in an apartment building, you may be able to pick up your neighbor's unsecured wif-fi network.
  • Offices, hotels, churches, schools, nearly every building/organization has internet service these days. Sometimes you can catch these wi-fi signals if they are unsecured. Sometimes, if you belong to the organization (ie: a student at the school, a hotel guest, a church member)you can get the key to log into the network. Sometimes you can guess the password to the system. Sometimes you can hack your way into the network.
  • You can use your cell phone to access many parts of the internet.
  • You can access the internet through your Wii or PSP.
  • You can ask. In places that didn't have wi-fi I have been able to ask if I can use a cable connection to the internet from a computer that no one is using.
  • Internet cafes allow you to access the internet from nearly anywhere in the world.

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