Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll and More

Item #1 Here's the results from our last poll which asked 'What do you think about the situation in Honduras?' Your answers:
  • 32 people (76%) said that world leaders should leave them alone and let them figure out their own problems.
  • 0 people (0%) said that world leaders should intervene to reinstate the ousted president.
  • 8 people (19%) said world leaders should give them time to fix the situation before intervening.
  • 2 people (4%) said what problem in Honduras?

Item #2 Take our new poll...>>>

Item #3 Just a side note on our poll--every meeting/conference/planning session I have been to in the past couple of months has been focused on pandemic flu. These people are state, federal, and international experts who seem to see a disaster coming and who am I to doubt the experts? I know that my personal planning has taken a decided turn towards pan flu preparedness and may I suggest that you do the same. More on this topic in future posts.

Item #4 This is post #500 for the CNI blog. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and especially all who comment. There is no such thing as an expert on preparedness and survivalism. I learn a lot from national level disaster planners but I learn as much if not more from country folk who have the day to day experience of "doing for themselves" and refugees from third world countries who have survived just about everything. Input, ideas, and comments are welcome from everyone. Who knows, info you share could save someone's life someday.

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  1. About the side note: The way people are packed into cities all over the world, it is just a matter of time before The Great Pandemic.

    Worsening economies also make the world vulnerable as access to good food and medical care becomes less possible for increasing numbers of people.

    Many understand this and are preparing.