Friday, July 17, 2009

Link Roundup and a Question and Answer

First some interesting links:

And now a question from a reader:

An email came in today with the question "why don't you write more stuff about tactical things like tactical shooting, tactical entry, tactical gear, etc"

My answer: This is a blog for the general public. I am not a skilled tactical trainer and don't want to mislead the public or worse, write a short "how to" on a topic that requires years of practice and training and have a bad outcome from someone who takes my posts as gospel. That being said, I think any skill you learn that could end in your death should be learned in person and under the guidance of a professional instructor (someone who has a great track record and a great deal of field knowledge as opposed to an instructor with a glitzy website and knowledge gleaned from SOF). You wouldn't read a book or blog post on how the swim then jump into the deep end of a pool thinking that you have the knowledge to swim because you read about it. Ditto for any tactical/firearms/medical skill.

And a side note: due to my unusual range of experiences I have a general knowledge of hundreds of topics (most seem to be in the travel, medical, legal, preparedness, firearms, research, and tech fields) but I'm not an expert on anything (writing and research being the exception). I tend to write about personal experiences, interesting events, interesting opportunities, or other things I find fascinating and/or useful...basically things that the general public should know in order to better prepare and protect themselves.


  1. Keep writing, I love your survival mind!


  2. Your style works great. I agree if I want tactical info I'll find local training. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes I found a long time ago. "Your reaction to an event will not rise to the occasion, it will sink to the level of your training."