Thursday, July 2, 2009

DPT--Fire Safety

Now is the time for fires--camp fires, land clearing fires, and wild fires. You can also throw in fireworks because it is the 4th of July weekend. With any of these fires comes the risk that people can be injured (burning themselves, catching their clothes and themselves on fire), property can be destroyed (it only takes a little bit of wind to change a camp fire or controlled burn into a forest fire), and lives can be changed forever (homes can be destroyed and people can be killed or severely injured because of fire).
Take extra care when the weather is hot and the ground cover is a brittle brown to make sure that your fire:
  • is under your complete control
  • is not started where there is dry grass or brush nearby
  • can be easily put out because you have water and/or a fire extinguisher on hand
  • is not started or continued when there is a lot of wind

Some other pointers:

  • no matter where you are, be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice if you find that a wildfire is headed your way
  • have multiple ways to escape from where you are in the event that you need to evacuate due to a wild fire
  • always supervise kids around campfires and fireworks
  • never throw cigarette butts on the ground; numerous fires are started this way
  • always make sure your fire is completely out before you leave it
  • if you are doing a major burn, always have a fire watch on duty
  • if your fire needs a permit, get one (it's better than paying the fine afterwards)
  • realize that simple fireworks can cause injuries if not used properly and the big illegal fireworks (M80s, homemade bombs, etc) can take off a limb or cause death
  • if a firework didn't go off, don't pick it up and say "gee, why didn't this one work?" before you can finish your sentence it will probably go off and take some fingers with it. Douse the fireworks first with water then sweep them up

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

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