Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Colony...An Update

While perusing the SurvivalistBoards ( I was happy to see a thread about the show "The Colony". It was interesting to read what other viewers (103 comments to date) had to say about their takeaways from the show. Check it out here.


  1. There is a danger in being an arm-chair survivalist. As real as these shows seem, they are not. The people in them know they can get medical care, will not really starve, etc and etc. This must play a big difference in their mindset and even in their actions.

  2. Agreed, arm-chair survivalist mentality is dangerous. However even though the show leaves a lot to be desired if were to be a training video I do think it has some merits. Hopefully it will make people realize that in situations such as these working together is the way to go. In general it seems a lot of us preppers are of the "lone wolf" mentality and I just don't see that working in either a major or minor SHTF scenario.