Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll

Our last poll asked "how do you preserve the harvest now that produce is plentiful?" Your answers (with apologies for making the poll confusing since the option to check multiple choices when the answers weren't worded that way was inadvertently turned on):
  • 9 people (23%) said they freeze, can, and do the simple stuff
  • 14 people (35%) said they freeze, can, make jam...intermediate level food preservation
  • 12 people (30%) said they do everything--freeze, can, make jam, drying, pickling, etc.
  • 11 people (28%) said they get all of their food from the store

The numbers are not so surprising. I, for one, do very little food processing any more which is unfortunate. This is a valuable skills that everyone should be at least passingly aware of. Growing up, almost all of our food was processed at home and the food that was canned, dried, pickled, frozen, or otherwise processed during the harvest was what we had to live on until fresh produce was ready in the spring. Things certainly have changed! This may have to be one of my projects for the summer.

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