Monday, June 29, 2009

Political Unrest in Honduras...Some Local Insight

Being in America, land of the free press and all, you would think we would get fairly unbiased coverage of news and events, especially of the international kind. Unfortunately, we get the news that the press wants to write about or broadcast which--surprise--usually has a typical American slant to it.
I think the media is undergoing a cataclysmic change that will forever transform the way that people both produce and receive the news on a world wide basis. Thank God. It's about time.
Case in point, Honduras. I am a bit concerned because I haven't been able to reach some friends in Honduras for a few days. With nearly 24 hour coverage of the coup on CNN, all of the video and political posturing made me even more concerned.
Enter broadcasting by and for the people, otherwise known as blogs and Twitter. I follow interesting blogs from around the world so when I went to La Gringa's blog to get her take on how the political situation is shaping up in Honduras since she actually lives there, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she isn't nearly as worried about, nor as negative towards, the situation that happened with the overthrow of their president. This is exactly why I try to corroborate news and information that I receive, if is important, through a variety of sources.


  1. Glad I could help. ;-)

    The circumstances are definitely being sensationalized by the media. Unfortunately, disinformation from Venezuela seems to be getting more attention than the Honduran media itself.

  2. I agree. One very big problem about big media is that they walk a line between factual news and their desire to keep big spending sponsors or political agendas (Think FOX news).

    Blogs have changed the playing field and big media both online and in hard copy (newspapers) is struggling - note how they are changing even more toward sensationalism in order to get eyeballs. This only serves to degrade big media news even further, opening the field for more and larger blogs.