Thursday, May 7, 2009

Simple Preparedness Tips for Upcoming Events

There are some things coming up that have prompted me to do a bit of preparing:
  • The price of stamps will increase on May 11th. I bought 100 "forever" stamps today as a way to save a few pennies. Also, while I pay some bills online, next month I need to make an effort to pay as many bills as possible online or in person (if it is convenient). This isn't a huge preparedness task but it is always a convenience to have stamps on hand and by planning ahead and buying stamps now before the price goes up, I will save a little money.
  • The TV transition which was supposed to happen last February is now slated for June. Currently we have cable so don't need to worry about this but I have read a few articles about people who have cut the cable, got an antenna and converter box, and set up their computer to stream free TV and movies through Hulu and other websites. This is definitely somethings I am considering.
  • Wildfire season is coming up as evidenced by the huge wildfires in California that have been all over the news today. While it isn't quite wildfire season here up north yet, now is an excellent time to clear out the brush, take down dead trees, and otherwise get our property cleaned up so that it won't fuel fires should they hit our area this summer.
  • I'm preparing now for fall flu season. The spouse had a quick bout of the flu this past weekend. Fortunately it wasn't swine flu and it passed quickly, but this, along with the recent outbreak of swine flu, reminded me that it is always important to be prepared for illness even it is not "the season" for it. On the agenda: dump out my home first aid kit, restock any outdated or missing supplies, toss in some prescription meds (Tamiflu for example), and get some extra boxes of Kleenex/boxes of TheraFlu/masks/etc. that will be in high demand when the next round of flu breaks out.
  • I haven't bought chicks yet, however according to the morning news, they are all the rage right now. People, even city dwellers, are buying chickens in order to have homegrown eggs and meat. It's a good idea but a lot of work and since we travel so much, probably not practical for us, but an interesting idea overall and nothing beats fresh eggs for breakfast.

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