Friday, May 15, 2009

DPT--Get a Food Saver/Seal a Meal

A very useful product for outdoors folks, survivalist, et al. is a Food Saver/Seal a Meal device. I was at a friend's house today and watched him seal just about anything that wouldn't walk away from him. Among the things he used this device for:
  • Dehydrated soup mix for the emergency food box. He put rice, lentils, dried onions, powdered chicken broth, and spices together in a pouch and made a number of these "instant" soup mixes which can be opened and used in an emergency.
  • Emergency kits for his kids. These small, flat pouches included four quarters, a $20 bill, a pre-paid phone card, and a list of emergency phone numbers. Obviously breaking into these packets means there was a true emergency, not an emergency trip to the mall.
  • Fishing kit for his BOB. My fishing kit is wound up in a piece of tin foil. His looks much more neater and the stuff won't fall out because it is sealed in a plastic bag.
  • Toilet paper. He does have priorities and the toilet paper in his BOB is one of them. He took out the cardboard in the middle of the roll, flattened it down, put it in the bag, sucked out the air, and sealed the thing. Interesting idea.
  • Meat. His wife buys meat in the huge packages then they separate the meat into dinner-sized portions and seal them up with the machine. Ditto for the beef jerky that he makes each season.

I'm sure there are dozens of other uses for this machine. Ideas?


  1. How about sealing up magazines, ammunition, and handguns for long term storage. Should prevent rust - no air ==> no oxygen. I haven't tried it - maybe an AR magazine would get crushed.

  2. Spare batteries, can't have those getting wet, now can we?

    Same goes for matchbooks and the like.

  3. The ammunition is a great idea, but I also seal my medication, such as my recent prescription of Relenze influenze treatment.