Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Urban Bug Out Gear...Some Ideas

When people think about putting together a Bug Out Bag, they often think of lots of camo, lots of (impressive) weapons, and lots of other cool gear that they can pick up at the local military surplus store. In most environments, especially urban environments, you may want to think again. Here's some stuff to consider for your low-profile urban Bug Out Bag:
  • Instead of an ALICE pack, consider a more urban option for carting your gear around such as a messenger bag, or urban-styled backpack (Dakine, etc)
  • Instead of camo clothing, consider urban appropriate clothing in generic colors (khaki, brown, black) from REI (west coast) or LL Bean (east coast)
  • Instead of combat boots, consider, again, well made urban option such as Keen or Merrell shoes/boots.
  • Instead of an AK or other similarly impressive firearm, consider something much more concealable (for close quarters urban needs, a good handgun will lend an element of surprise and be more easy to conceal).
  • Instead of radios to communicate with your team, cell phones are a more urban alternative if the system is still up.
  • Instead of canteens hanging on your belt, consider a more urban SIGG or Nalgene water bottle in your backpack.
  • Instead of a bag of MREs, consider some urban options such as beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts, and other portable foods found in your local grocery store which has a long shelf life.

Anyway, you get the idea. Take a look at your BOB and compare it to the location you are most likely to use it. Does it match? Does it stand out like a huge target? Do you look "like everyone else" or do you look like you just stepped out of a military movie? Consider "un militarizing" your BOB so that you will be able to more easily blend into your environment.


  1. I have to agree with this. I think that the militaristic approach is what a lot of people have reservations about in the survivalist movement.
    Even in the country, many civilian clothing combinations can be selected to be nearly unnoticable, a good thing maybe under tough conditions.
    I always enjoy your blog, and your approach to things.

  2. This is a good post. I built a work Bug-Out-Bag that is simple and small enough to keep in he bottom drawer of my desk. I chose to use an old fabric lunch bag that I was going to throw out anyway. These usually have several mesh pockets on the front/side and several different zippered pockets. An advantage to this is very inexpensive cost ($5-6 dollars new ar Wal-Mart. Good time to buy is Sept. after school starts when the excess are put on clearance)and insulation that would keep the food items/water cooler for long periods. The one item I didn't see that I think would be very importaint is a first aid kit. At many work places the first aid kit consists of a box of very old band-aids and a bottle of Tylenol. We were in a similar situation and I convienced my boss to get a basic first aid kit. ($10 at Wal-Mart) I also included the following; cold compress, several dusk masks, several cylume light sticks,sunblock,matches and lighter, electrical tape, multi-tool, spare shoelaces, bandana,food,water, and basic OTC drugs. Also, it is also camoflauged so no one helps themself to it of gives you a hard time about be a "wacko-survivalist". Thanks again for a great post and a great blog!

  3. I think this makes sense if you live in a big city, but I would be heading out of the urban sprawl in a SHTF situation so would prefer some camo gear to give me an option in the bush. Although once winter kicks in we would all be screwed unless you happened to pack white tablecloths.
    people can think what they want who cares!!
    we all judge each other what ever the situation.

  4. i live in the bones so my bob is stocked with camo that reflects the three prevalent environment types, woodland (which the bdu's can be flipped inside out for a nice gray urban concrete colour) tan (grassy marsh areas) and a complete white out suit which doubles as winter camo and protection from health issues)